Meet date: Saturday, December 21, 2019

Below is how to register your athlete in the Sidney Shelby YMCA meet. Schedule is attached for your convenience and the sign up is now available. Location of Sidney Shelby YMCA is found on the attached schedule. Last day for registration will be 12/12/19. Please know/remember, if you DO NOT register and pay, your athlete will NOT be able to compete. Where to find schedule · Attached · On team website, Listed as the “Top News” item and also listed in the meet schedule list under Documents. (thanks Ann) How you can register Meet name- 12/21 Sidney Shelby YMCA Meet · In Person- Front desk of REL- (please tell them the meet name and say it’s for gym team) · Over the phone with the REL welcome center staff (please tell them the meet name and say it’s for gym team) · YMCA website- (step by step instructions below for your convenience) · Email me for assistance     Website step by step 1. in your browser 2. Click on- programs tab and scroll down to find 3. Sports 4. REGISTER NOW tab (pink button on right side of the screen) 5. In the program search box type- “meet sign up” or something along those lines… 6. Then the most current(s) meets and along with other programs will come up. then click on 12/21 Sidney Shelby YMCA Meet Please let me know if you have any questionsJ

Kristin Gallo Director of Gymnastics Programming YMCA OF GREATER CINCINNATI